Monthly Coaching Program

Welcome To Gnotri

Welcome To Gnotri

Why do I need a training program?

Well, you invested in the registration, swim, bike, run gear and equipment, so why not invest in the knowledge and understanding on how to execute and use your investments.  With over 30 years of combined experience in multi-sports training and racing, Coach Kevin Pilet and Coach David Baker have the knowledge and understanding to bring you to your peak performance.

The GNOTRI Difference

Unlike most online coaching, with GNOTRI, you’ll not only be training with other athletes with the same goal interest, but also work with your coaches onsite in person.

Our monthly coaching includes:

• Online Training Calendar
• Daily / Weekly Training Emails
• Weekly Group Training
• Email and Text Support
• Onsite Coaching
• Training Consulting

Advance Coaching

Advance coaching gives you a little more personal attention and interacting with the coaches, by analyzing your uploaded data feed back, giving you a bit more tech knowledge and understanding, along with advance training sessions based on your feed back.

Personal One-On-One Session 


Personal One-On-One / Evaluation Pkg 3 -1-hour Sessions


 Duathlon – Sprint-
Olympic  Sign-up

70.3 Distance Sign-up

 140.6 Ironman Sign-up

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