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Welcome To Gnotri

Welcome To GNOTRI 

GNOTRI was founded in 1997, by 1999 GNOTRI, Greater New Orleans Triathletes had become the areas premier training club.

Our goal is to provide members and the community with knowledge and understanding in triathlon, through personal coaching, group training and online programs. We also utilize social media along with daily training emails blast to the community keep everyone in the loop

The Summer Series, Our Race Practice Event is one of our most exciting training methods, real time racing with other athletes, transition setup, awards and more.  There is no substitute for realtime experience.

Our club coaches have over 30 years combined experience in triathlon. In the past 18 years, GNOTRI has started and finished hundreds of athletes… first timers, with great success!

GNOTRI general group training is open to all, join the email list to receive training notices and more.

The GNOTRI Members Benefit

GNOTRI Members not only enjoy group training with athletes of common interest, they also have access to sponsor discounts, club clinics, race discounts and more.

Our members also receive onsite coaching while group training….not only do we coach the athletes, we train with them.

We offer our members monthly online coaching.  Unlike other online coaching, our athletes have the advantage of local training with the coaches, consulting and communicating in person.  This also gives the coaches the advantage of observing and understanding each individual.

Open Water Swim Training and Club 

GNOTRI has been meeting at the Swimhole since 1997 for its Wednesday & Saturday open water swim practice & brick training.

Open water is something that takes most athletes a while to overcome.  Most athletes struggle with the open water, no matter how much you pool swim, there is no comparison.   For this reason we offer One-On-One and club group sessions, along with open water swim clinics.

Coach Kevin has worked with 100’s of athletes to help overcome their fear and conquer the open water.

Sponsor – Member Network 

One of the first things you’ll need is the right gear and equipment, GNOTRI has club sponsors that provide not only expert advice in their field, but also offer member discounts.

Now that you have a little insight on the club, coaching and sponsors, below is a reference list to give you a little insight on getting started.

  1. Become a member – You may consider becoming a member to receive club discounts on gear, coaching and races.
  2. Pick a goal /Race – Pick your event and Sign up, Check with me before signing up, we may have club discounts
  3. Coaching Program – Coaching program will help give you understanding  how to train in the 3 sports
  4. Swim Training / Gear – We don’t just swim laps in the pool, we take advantage of swim training gear.
  5. Cycling Training / Gear – The right Bike, Gear and Fit is important to comfort and performance.
  6. Running Gear – The right shoe, fit and training  is important to comfort and performance.
  7. Nutrition – The difference in feeling tired, fatigue or just flat in your performance can be directly related to your nutriton.

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