Swim Start

Group Coached Training Sessions

Group Coached Training Sessions – We don’t just swim laps…

GNOTRI meets 2 days a week for swim training at the UNO Aquatic Center.  Having a good understanding on how to train and using the proper gear will make a world of difference in your performance.  We change $5.00 per session for coaching and pool fee.
As you can see from the photo above, we not only coach you with advance workouts, we also teach you how to utilize all the swim gear to maximize your understanding and performance.

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OPEN WATER TRAINING – RACING — Once we feel you are experience enough, we will introduce you to open water.

We meet durning the summer months a couple days a week at the swimhole, for some open water swimming, depending on the time of the year, the water can be a bit chilly.

If you are having issues and would like some personal attention, we offer one-on-one open water sessions.

Depending on when and where you race, at some point you will need a wetsuit for the cold open water, especially for the early
season races and heading north.

Our club sponsor, XTERRA, offers us club discounts up 70% off retail.  Ask coach about club discount code.