Game Plan

Welcome To Gnotri

Welcome To Gnotri


Here are a few good tips that I have used in the past and can help guide you to a better race.

GAME PLAN: One of the most important things you can the next couple of days is put together a game plan. The idea of this is avoid the stress of rushing around. Plan your transportation one of the biggest stress factors the day of the race, and depending on where your starting from you could have a little walking to do.

1. REST: Stay off your feet, relax as much as possible, stretch and SLEEP. Forget about going out to get in a few miles of running, by now the you should be ready and resting the body will benefit you more than exercise. When you go to pick up your packet you will be in the middle of the EXPO which has a large selection of great products and gear, enjoy it, just try to get it done early and get off your feet soon as you can.

2. NUTRITION: Plan your meals the week of the race, try not to miss any meals and stay hydrated. Athletes often carry their drinks with them hydrating all day long, well carry some munchies or snacks will also benefit you keeping up your calories that you will be burning while walking around getting yourself ready. Also the expo is the perfect place to pickup your last min. supplies, etc.

Put your transition bags together a day ahead. A good way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to dress yourself for part of the race then undress putting your gear/attire in the transition bag. i.e. dress for the swim just as you would race morning everything goggles, wetsuit, chip, swimsuit, body glide, check yourself off making sure you didn’t miss anything, not undress into a bag or corner of your room putting all this gear together into this bag or spot. Now dress into your cycling gear, head to toe, helmet shoes, socks, nutritional products into your pockets, sunglasses, etc. Now undress into the swim to bike transition bag… now do the same dress for the bike to run, then undress into the bike to run bag.

3. RACE DAY NUTRITION: DON’T START YOUR RACE ON A EMPTY STOMACH. Calories will make a difference in the out come of your race. Remember you will be burning thousands of calories, and if your body doesn’t have calories to burn it will shut down. So, make sure you get up early enough to eat a breakfast, something you know you can handle and be ready to run within a couple of hours. Remember you will be up and running around for a couple hours before you even start the race, so eat good, not just a bit of something and a cup of coffee, actually carry some gu, nutrition bar or some snacks to eat durning the morning heading to the start, just make sure you know your body and when you need to cut off the fuel in time for a port-a-let stop. And I have seen a lot of port-a-poties along the way. Make sure you keep your calories up the duration of the race.

4. ATIRE/GEAR: You need to be comfortable and feeling good for your race, mentally and physically, so here are a couple of key things that can make the difference. Make sure you wear and use products that you have been training with, shoes, socks, shorts, etc., there is nothing worst than getting blistered, rubbed raw, or upset stomach by changing your game plan the day of the race. Clip your toe nails, body glide your special spots, including your feet, around the ankles and toes.

5. RECOVERY: Make sure you grab a bite to eat or drink and ample amount of fluid within 20 mins of finishing. Take time out to get in a little bit of stretching, even if you are hurting, this is the best thing you can do. And especially the days/week after, you need to increase your hydration/protein and calorie intake days AFTER the race to help the muscles and body recover. And TAKE OFF at least 3 days to week, even if you feel good a couple days out, if you train you will really feel it within a day and set back your recovery.